this is the website of


an (audio equipment repair, restoration and care service),
(synth and software workshop),
(art & technology consultancy),
and (traveling computer exorcism provider).

If you need your "stuff"

{stuff} [guitar effects, synths, relationship to technology, cables, amps, other sound making electronics, computers]

fixed or cared for, I can help you with that.

how to get in touch

instagram: @madamdatasoundlabs
twitter: @madamdata


repair: guitar pedals, synths, amps - if it makes sound I can at least take a look at it. Fee: depends on the job - on average $25-$30 for simple fixes, $50-$100 for more elaborate things. Email for a quote, we can probably work something out. Discounts for b/i/poc.

computer services- I can help you sort out problems with your computer - viruses, slow performance, how to do x or y. Fee: $25-$50 depending on what needs to be done.

art and technology consultancy - Need to integrate arduinos, raspberry pis, and DIY electronic circuits into your art project or installation? I can help you develop tech solutions and debug problems. $40/hr.


"Madam data helped me troubleshoot issues with my audio interface and repaired a vintage microphone that I had found in a pile of trash. In both cases they succeeded in fixing my devices and I even think I learned something."

"Madam Data quickly and affordably repaired power issues on not one, not two, but three very different pieces of beloved vintage gear. I can once again use my Casio CZ-101 (1984), my Casiotone 403 (early 80s), and my Gibson fuzz pedal (early 60s) onstage and worry-free. So grateful to have these instruments working again!"