this is the website of madam data, musician.

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madam data no longer provides information about what they do. They have settled on two ways of interfacing with the outside world:
1. Prayer
2. Sabotage

notable sound and art things I have done recently:

"the Gospel of the Devourer", album released on bandcamp.

Several thoughts are with me:

1. That we live in a time marked by peculiarities of the language and motion of power,
2. That outside it is sunny, a temperature of 30 degrees celsius, and this is likely not to improve my mood,
3. That art and technology tend, through the lens of capital, to inscribe a teleology (an arc) of progress or forward motion throughout history, as does the territorial expansion of empire,
4. that my life for a good part of the past year has been characterized by violent sadness and anger,
5. and that my wrists, due to recent and sudden exposure to the ground, are in a state of fragility that limits my activities, and is reminding me to think certain thoughts (about the teleology of bodies, as we are taught)
In light of these ongoing concerns, and some others that it is unstrategic to mention, I came into the notion that I should kill and eat God, and have been setting diligently about this task for the past few months. Yesterday, the results of this work finally came to light, and I'm writing this email to offer you a chance to share in the meal.
The resultant noise/black metal - adjacent suite ('an ethnography of the vacuum, writ in spinal fluid and dark matter') is striking and unusual for me, and I don't have any insight into the process of making it or 'what it means'. These things are usually opaque to me. I think you might enjoy it.
[content warnings for blood, violence, disembowelment, military and fascist propaganda]

"for agnes martin, six architectures in light and water", album released on bandcamp.

I'm thinking about seeing Agnes Martin's work at a museum in Seoul and almost being moved to tears by the stillness, the calmness, the care, the patience, the love. In this music, I tried to trasmute the idea of a grid - not as an organizer of musical time (although that is a powerful paradigm in dance music) but as the sublimation of repetition and the feeling of stillness.

"The Floating World", podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Podbean etc.

Each episode of the floating world is bricolaged together from bits of audio junk sent over from all corners of the world. The result is a pulsating mechanical unconsciousness: a love letter to the sleeping city and all its machinery, and to the bodies that manifest its conscience and brutality.

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ig: madamdatasoundlabs (updates infrequent)


Do not contact regarding any proposals involving AI or machine learning, collaborations with anyone affiliated with the military, anything that could be reasonably construed as state propaganda, or cats.

press quotes

"There is an undeniable organic flow at the heart of Slug/Savior’s political missives, from the duo’s deconstructed approach to sound to their breathy lyrical delivery. There’s a true sense of liberation, especially for queer folks of color, as pervasive as the pre-apocalyptic street reporting." -Alex Smith, Bandcamp (2020)

"The album murmurs and stirs in intense ambient spaces; this is no Brian Eno trying to make pretty background music for [insert location or medium here], it's more akin to early Juliana Barwick [...] using sound to capture feeling." -John Vettese, The Key WXPN, writing about "a thick band of orange light (2018)"

my thoughts on some famous composers:

Steve Reich: no
John Cage: sometimes
Pauline Oliveros: most of the time
Scott Joplin: yes
Mozart: no
Haydn : yes
Xenakis: yes
Boulez: no
Maryanne Amacher : yes
Anthony Braxton: yes
David Byrne: mostly no
Nancarrow: yes
Coltrane: yes, both
Lou Reed: no
Kim Deal: yes
Ikue Mori : yes